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Turkish damen hookah stainless steel

49.95 USD

Turkish daimon hookah, stainless steel, hookah for all types of hookahs

Odoman N2 Glass Hookah Pipe Size 35cm

. This new set of hookah pipes comes with some of the most exciting features

which can be placed on glass hookah tubes .

Oduman Stainless Steel CNC Fused Parts

With the highest quality glass to produce hookah pipes that are as practical

The Ipe r hookah is regular and is still beautiful as a range of art hookah shisha glass pipes.

Includes Oduman glass hookah tube;

  • Stainless steel hookah leg with screw dispenser
  • Stainless steel charcoal tray
  • High quality glass base jar with stainless steel fused ports with fat ball bearing
  • silicone hose 150cm
  • stainless steel hose handle
  • LED module

To complete this tube, you must add:

  • hookah bowl + grommet
  • hookah flavors
  • coal
  • pair of tweezers

Udoman hookah company specializes in glass hookah tubes,

Designed and manufactured in Turkey, using some of the best technology in the manufacturing industry. used

Oduman CNC Cut Technology , to give stainless steel the best finish in the industry.

Other hookah manufacturers haven't moved to this level of detail engineering.

Oduman Shisha has broken into the hookah industry and quickly become a leader

In making a unique type of glass hookah pipe . Oduman Shisha assures you

That each glass hookah pipe passes quality assurance tests before being shipped.

This ensures that you are getting the best possible hookah pipes from the manufacturer.

49.95 USD
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