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Tank Gata RTI

72.90 USD


New from the Canadian company, Cube Dzian, which is distinguished in the manufacture of buildable tanks, presents the Qata Tank, which is distinguished by being designed for use with salt flavors with a muted intake system and with the possibility of using it with Fribies flavors with an open air flow system

Product Description

Great RTA option from QP Designs. Gata allows you to vape directly to the lung or from mouth to lung in one device.

Gata comes with two airflow rings and two tank sections. One for DTL and one for MTL.

The DTL tank section has a taller chimney that allows more air to pass through and under the coil, as well as an overhead fill system.

The MTL tank is a bit shorter, with a bottom fill system and smooth glass lid. Each tank uses a 510 drip tip adapter and the kit will come with two different heads.

One chamber is wide and the other is in a classic classic MTL design.

The kit will come with a single coil build deck with a non-mount design.

Between the lead screw trowel there is a small airflow restriction insert.

This widget can be installed or removed depending on whether you use it to configure MTL or DTL

And you'll also get a spare in the accessory bag.

Gata RTA is exceptionally well designed,

It caters to two types of vape preferences from one set with a simple classic look and tank feel.


  • Diameter 24 mm
  • Capacity 2ml
  • Single file build surface
  • MTL or DTL configuration
  • 2 airflow rings
  • Two upper sections for tanks
  • Top or bottom packing (depending on tank section)
  • lower air flow
  • 510 drip tip
  • Two drip tip options
  • Postconstruction surface

package contents;

  • 1x Gata RTA Build Deck
  • 2 air flow rings
  • 2x tank sections
  • 2x 510 drip tip
  • 1x Accessories and Spare Parts Bag

72.90 USD
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