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Hookah Briana 128 Crystal BOHIMA

94.50 USD

BRINA Hookah 128 Crystal BOHIMA | Hookah Shisha Briana for all flavors

Brianna hookah, with a Bohemian crystal and multicolor stem with the option to mount the stem on any crystal. Supplied with excellent quality silicon barrel, grip and chrome core

The hookah is 22 inches high, so it is distinctive and easy to move around and travel with. This hookah is considered a revolution in traditional hookah techniques.

It is an internal purge valve system designed to eliminate the need to use any conventional cooling technology. MYA® MXFunction™ is integrated into the stem.

MYA® MXFunction™ will also remove any build-up of gases in the base (water house) during use, effectively removing any old smoke.


  • Brand: Brianna
  • Crystal crystal.
  • Multiple colours.
  • Chrome core and chrome grip.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Internal disinfection system.


  • head.
  • silicone hose

94.50 USD
One comment

Ghadah Alkhalifah

1 month ago

تجي معها الزجاجه السفبيه والجروميت؟


top of kif

1 month ago

يجي معها نفس الوصف

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