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Electric Burner Ager Control Switch S-11

22.95 USD

Ager Electric Torch Control Switch S-11 Type I / AGER s11 ELECTRINC HOTPLATE

Type I electric burner from Ager / many options for control

  • Ignite charcoal at high speed within 3 minutes
  • Equipped with a heat blocker
  • easy to clean
  • 1000 watts
  • Electricity 220V/60HZ

For better use please see operating information / Please read these instructions carefully before use

  1. Connect the burner to a 220 volt electrical source.
  2. Place the torch on a flat surface.
  3. Do not touch the burner inside while it is on
  4. The electricity is disconnected from the burner when you are finished using it and let it cool on its own


  1. Keep the torch out of the reach of children
  2. Do not use the torch near fabrics or other flammable materials
  3. Do not use the torch in uneven places
  4. After you have finished using the burner, make sure to turn off the power button and unplug it

22.95 USD
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