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coconut palm charcoal 1 kg

3.24 USD

Coconut Charcoal 1 Kg Al Nakhla CocoNut SHELL

100% Natural Materials / Lasts more than 3 hours / Eco-Friendly


  • Brand: The Palm
  • Design: large size
  • first type
  • It is used with hookah and honey
  • Preserves the flavor of honeyed
  • without a smell

Palm charcoal lasts 3 times longer than any other charcoal / does not emit any spark when ignited or used

Charcoal should not be used unless it is glowing red in color / does not have any smell or taste / maintains the original smell of incense and is free of sulfur

Safety Instructions:

  • Do not use petroleum derivatives to ignite coal because this is dangerous and changes the smell of coal
  • Burning coals should not be left unattended.
  • Keep children away from burning coals
  • Charcoal should not be operated in an enclosed space or far from ventilation

3.24 USD
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Two comments

Majed Alghamdi

9 months ago

افضل فحم في السوق


ابرار محمد

10 months ago

حجم الفحم صغير مناسب لارجيلتي الصغيره

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