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Qemat Al Kaif Trading Est. for all kinds of hookahs, hookahs, hookahs, electronic devices, electronic shisha and electronic flavors

About us

  • About us
  • We are the Qemat Al-Keif Trading Corporation, specialized in selling all types of hookahs
  • Shisha, hookahs, electronic devices, electronic hookah, and flavors
  • Electronic and tobacco products in general

You can contact:

  • Tel: 00966596194977
  • SnapChat : alqmah11 or Instgram : qmt.vip
  • Email : qalkayf@gmail.com

Two comments

عبدالله عويمر

8 months ago

آما الافاده عن طلبي رقم 9761145 وتم الاستفسار عن طريق الواتس ولم يرد


top of kif

7 months ago

تم الرد عليك في الواتساب